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Posts: 373
The business world has been changing rapidly in the past decade with new technology constantly improving the productivity of individuals and organizations. Recently however, many workplaces have been required to enact strict physical distancing measures and/or work from home policies to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Staying safe and healthy is always the top priority, but we understand that this quick change can be difficult to adjust to when part of your business requires a physical presence.

As a Tajima DG16 by Pulse user, you have access to our PulseCloud web service. We thought now would be a good time to remind you of ways in which PulseCloud can help you maintain cohesion within your organization while employees may be working remotely, or otherwise separated from their teams.

Connecting your machines through PulseCloud enables you to send designs to the machine queue remotely via a phone, tablet, laptop or PC. It also allows you to manage the design queue and see basic reporting information of designs in production.

How to connect machines to PulseCloud:

1. Ensure that Design Spooler is running.
- This starts automatically if your DG security device is connected when the computer boots up.
- If it's not running already, click the Windows Start button and begin typing "Start Designer Spooler" to see the command.

2. Open Tajima DG16 by Pulse (instructions also apply to DG15).
- If prompted, log in or register for a PulseCloud account. Have your DG16 security device number available for new registrations.
- If prompted, approve the request for Write Permissions.

3. Open your web browser and go to: cloud.pulsemicro.com
- Log into your PulseCloud account.

4. Click on your username in the top right corner and select "Access Keys" from the drop down menu.
- Copy the top Access Key.

5. Open Tajima DG16 by Pulse and go to Tools -> Spooler Settings.
- Check off all the options under "PulseCloud Settings" and paste your key in the Access Key field. Press Apply and then OK to save the changes.

6. To confirm that the machines are being found by DG, go to Tools -> Machine Settings to see if they are listed.

At this point, setup is complete, and you will be able to send designs you have uploaded to the machine queue via the PulseCloud website. To do this, go to the Files page on cloud.pulsemicro.com and click on a file name to select it. In the window that appears, click on the Machines tab and then select "Send Design" beside the desired embroidery machine. The file should be added to the design queue and is ready to be opened on your Tajima embroidery machine.

Starting an 'Organization' in PulseCloud

Collaboration between team members is always important to run a successful business, but working remotely introduces a few additional challenges to team cohesion that you may not have experienced before this. While file management may not have been the first item that came to mind when suddenly shifting to a physically distanced workspace, doing it properly can prevent many avoidable headaches and mistakes in the future.

PulseCloud Organizations allow multiple accounts to share access to the same embroidery designs and machine connections, so that any changes one user makes are instantly available to all team members.

Each account in an Organization can:

· Create new designs and personalizations using the PulseCloud web designer (DG16 required)
· Upload PXF designs created within Tajima DG by Pulse
· Comment on specific designs
· Add before/after sewing instructions that will be displayed to machine operators (DG16 and Tajima embroidery machine required)
· Share designs to social media accounts
· Send designs remotely to any connected embroidery machine queue (Tajima embroidery machine required)

If you would like to form a PulseCloud Organization, please contact your local Pulse Distributor to begin the process. You will need to provide them with a unique name for your Organization, as well as the account names and security device numbers of your team members. Fees may apply.
We at Pulse hope you stay healthy and safe and that PulseCloud can help you continue to be productive, even when keeping distanced.
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